What is Your Business Personality?

Like individuals, every business has a personality. Take this short quiz to uncover your Business Personality and better understand how this could be impacting your business performance.

1. Which one most closely describes what you would like your business to become "famous" for?

   Lived in the moment for enjoyment

   Provided help/support to people or community

   Achieved where no one has gone

   Created an amazing experience

   Kept things simple and straightforward

   Changed the way people think

   Always did the right thing

2. Choose the words that describe your business motivation?

   Stability and control

   Belonging and enjoyment

   Challenge status quo and mastery

   Independence and fulfillment

   Spirituality or euphoria

Which is your biggest fear?

   Uncontrolled chaos

   Financial ruin



   Lack of integrity

4. Which do you help people do?

   Feel safe

   Have love/community


   Find Happiness


5. Mark the 3 words that most closely describe your business image:





















   Easy to work with


   High End / Exclusive












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